You shall bring the very first of the first fruits. Exodus 34:26


God gave a command to the people of Israel, who had to pick annually the first fruits of the harvest, year after year. They chose the best fruits and they took them as the very first to the House of God and delivered those to the priests, for they honored God this way. Then He blessed and multiplied the rest of the harvest because He backs everything else when we give Him the first things. Therefore, we cannot forget this principle so we apply it in our lives.

Let us drop the mentality of the world that makes us give the leftovers or what we do not need to God. That is why we see Cain, who did not worry about the offering He was going to present to God; but Abel chose the best firstlings of his sheep and the fattest. This was the one that pleased Him.

Let us pick for God the first and best of all, and not leave it for later; for we ensure the blessing and multiplication in everything, this way. Let us give Him the best praise, the best worship, the best offerings and the first hours of the day, so we see the God who backs us for having liked the very first we gave Him.

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