But when Jesus perceived their thoughts, He answered and said to them, Why are you reasoning in your hearts? Luke 5:22


Why do we allow thoughts to overwhelm us and take absolute control of our lives? Why is it so easy to set our mind free to think anything it wants without putting limits to it? Why do we withdraw into ourselves and do not react in view of the oppression of our soul? Why is it easier to believe a lie than to believe the truth?

Each one of those questions has only one answer: we have no faith. And lack of faith arises because we do not have true knowledge of Christ. It is not enough to say “I am a Christian”, for when we say “I am Christ’s” and “My life belongs to Him”, we must be willing to testify in the midst of a financial crisis, a problem at home or a difficult situation, thus demonstrating that He is our reality.

Let us not strive to appear to be what we really are not, for true knowledge comes when we have lived first-hand experiences and we have not disavowed them. On the contrary, we have lived through them with a lot of pain, suffering in the flesh, yet glorifying Christ.

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