Remember that you were slaves in Egypt, and follow carefully these decrees. Deuteronomy 16:12


We should never forget the place from which God took us out, for there were many years of pain and bitterness, when many times we thought we would not live through that situation.

However, our mind is very vulnerable and it is easily taken out of focus, forgetting the duty we have before God. We must never forget when we told Him: “If you bring us well out of this, I promise I will be obedient, I will always honor You, I will never stop praising You, I will not keep my mouth shut, I will do everything You ask me”, and many other things that come out of our lips when we are in need. But many of those promises are long forgotten, and God is waiting for each one of them to be kept; for He did keep His, and set us free.

That is why there should be continuous gratitude in our heart, which will not allow us to forget what He did for us, and will make us teach others what it is like to be filled with love and gratitude. Let us show a grateful heart always willing to keep what was promised; for one never forgets where his Creator brought him out of.

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