All will be revealed and true intentions will not remain hidden

For nothing is secret that will not be revealed. Luke 8:16-18

There are people who, for a long time, caused so much pain within a family, and they have never repented nor have given proof of this. They intend to take a place that does not belong to them. But it does not work that way because it takes time for wounds to heal, while those people show fruits of repentance, which allow them to attain credibility in those whom they injured and damaged through words and actions.
Time will tell whether they are authentic or not. Therefore, we must not rush and make comments a priori, since actions will speak for themselves. But, if they show it is real, the Lord himself will take care of exposing it to light; similarly, if it is a lie, it will be exposed.
We only have to wait for God to give the signal because his Word says that nothing will remain hidden, and that light will shine in the midst of darkness. For this reason, we can be confident that all will be revealed and true intentions will not remain hidden, as He is JEHOVAH TSIDKENU – God of Justice.