Now Joseph had a dream, and he told it to his brothers. Genesis 37:5


The Bible shows us the history of great men and women of God who made an impact; they left a great legacy for all generations. When we read about Joseph, we see he was a youngster who had a dream which he told to his brothers. Out of envy, they threw him into the cistern, but what nobody knew was that God allowed it because he would get to his destiny through this.

David was a young man who always stayed with the sheep. To his father and brothers, he was nobody, but God was using this to prepare him as a warrior, defeat the giant and crown him as king of Israel.

Joseph and David were people like us, but they had something different. They knew their mission and where they wanted to get to; that is why they conquered all obstacles that prevented them from reaching the goal. Why can’t we reach the goal? Because we are not clear about what we are or what we want to be. Any circumstance crushes us because our vision goes no further than what our natural eyes can see.

These men succeeded because their vision went beyond the natural. They saw what nobody could see, yet God was showing it. And when He shows something, He does so to teach us how our latter state will be. Let us see what is happening as training to take us to our purpose. Was it painful for Joseph? Yes. Was it painful for David? Yes. Yet they did not lose heart because they were determined to conquer and reach the end.

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