Give us day by day our daily bread. Luke 11:3


God created us to bless us. His wish is for us to be able to receive the blessings and not a single one to be lost, for it is his will; but we see that time goes by: years, months, days, and we remain the same. We ask ourselves “Why, if He arranged so, are we not receiving them?” Many of our blessings are not achieved because we have no expectations.

He is going to bless the one who is filled with expectations and always expects the best; the one who wakes up every day knowing that his Father has something special for him, that the day will not go by without him receiving his blessing. It is a promise and He accelerates his Word to fulfill it.

Let us not allow circumstances to get us down, let us not allow our faith to dwindle; for no matter the place or the situation we are in, there our blessing will arrive. Annul the thoughts of defeat, failure, unconformity, which surround you and do not allow you to see the blessings that are over you.

The one who has expectations always expects the best, and he knows that the One who lives in the heavens has the bread for blessing us every day.

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