For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of words but of power. 1 Corinthians 4:20


How many preach of Christ? How many show his power? We are used to hearing sermons but not seeing power manifested by Jesus, which He keeps on demonstrating for those who believe.

The Church is filled with people who have neutered power; they do not believe that Jesus heals and delivers but that such power is not for this time. There is a people who believe that lie and forget his Word. For it is written that “Greater things you will do in My name”. He is waiting for the Word to be active and us to be bearers of his power without limits, thus letting Him act according to his will.

Let us give freedom to the Holy Spirit and let Him do what He is used to: bear witness to the power that was given to the Church of Christ, so that those who do not believe, they believe. Let us crush paradigms to those who think that it does not exist, and show them that He is the same today, tomorrow and forever.

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