But you have not so learned Christ. Ephesians 4:20


Being a Christian is not something we can take lightly, with no responsibility. Being a Christian is making the life of Christ a reality in us, not for a moment but permanently. This entails a very big sacrifice, which makes our soul resist, for our emotions are in the soul, so strong that they make it very difficult for us to follow the teachings of Jesus. Having dominion over our soul is fundamental, since this way we will not be dragged by uncontrollable desires or impulses.

When we learn how to give value to this, nothing will make us turn back or continue acting deliberately. We will put a limit not to repeat any of those actions, which lead us to a behavior inappropriate and unbecoming of our Christian life.

We should acknowledge that the failure has been ours, not of the Master, for not making the decision and being radical with that which undermined what we had learned. If we have not been good students, it is time to improve. And let us give the recognition to Christ for teaching us to have a different life.

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