Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to teach them that they should always pray and never become discouraged. Luke 18:1


Prayer is something indescribable. It makes us live unforgettable experiences in communion with the Spirit, and it leads us to await the response of God in peace, knowing that time does not count because He will answer. But it is during this time that we become desperate and discouraged, for we are not used to waiting.

Then, we believe God will not act, but that time is valuable because it is then that our faith is tested; for faith is certainty, it is conviction. And, when we are convinced of who God is, time and circumstances do not matter. We just know that He will do it. This leads us to pray for long periods and not lose heart.

If there is discouragement, if we have lost desire, for we have prayed and not seen an answer, it is time to renew our life of prayer and not let anything weaken us. For Ana wanted a child, and she prayed for a long time, but one day God remembered her and gave Samuel to her. Just the same way, He will remember you and He will give you your heart’s desires.

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