Lord, teach us to pray. Luke 11:1


The apostles were deeply involved in everything Jesus did. At the same time, they were discipled in the teachings of the Kingdom and saw how the sick were healed, the captives were delivered and crowds followed Jesus.

One day, they reflected and said “There is something we still haven’t been able to do, and it is fundamental.” Then, they approached Jesus and asked Him to teach them to unveil this mystery, such a great one, which is praying. He spent hours, days, praying to his heavenly Father, but they had failed at it, perhaps due to ignorance, not knowing how to do it. Yet they faced the opportunity to learn.

Many of us are like the Apostles, involved in many activities of the work of God but not praying, for we give more importance to the external than the internal, to that which is seen over that which is unseen. It is already time to learn to pray and delight in his sweet company.

Although we feel well with everything we do, if we do not pray, there will be no power or authority to continue with the exercise of our ministerial duties, which require absolute dedication and permanent communion with the Creator.

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