“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” John 14:18


Feeling like an orphan is not necessarily caused by the lack of one of the parents. Sometimes we are with them, but we feel alone and unprotected. It is nothing more than the condition of our soul, which always makes us feel like that, as much company as we have.

This happens because our soul has not found peace and rest in Him. He never disobeyed; on the contrary, dissatisfaction due to what we don’t have, it has not allowed us to see Him; for nothing fills us, nothing makes us happy and nothing motivates us. No matter how many people are on our side; we will continue to feel the same way until we understand that we already have what we need, and it is in us. Christ gave us a promise that we would never be alone because He would come to us, but many of us are still weakened, not making the promise our own, despite this.

If we really knew who the One with us is, there would be no place for any feeling of orphanhood. But we have gotten used to the visible to a point where we do not discern the invisible. Yet He is spirit; we cannot see Him but feel Him. Although you cannot see Him, welcome Him and tell Him to show you the love of the Father so you know what is in his heart, for you.

When He shows it, you will see that nothing can compare with it, and your soul will be free because you will understand you need nothing to be happy.

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