Look, as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in My hand. Jeremiah 18:6


We are full of weaknesses, which do not help us in our Christian life; they make others stumble and go off the way because of something that makes no sense. If we understood that all of us, no exceptions, at some point will all fail, for only God does not fail because his nature is divine… But we have an earthly nature and we always do things induced by our soul, though we have the Holy Spirit.

This will make our image be blurred before others, for the process of change and transformation is very slow, due to the fact that first we must become aware of our own weaknesses, so we can start working on them along with Him. We will stay the same until they become visible to us, for it is something we need to accept ourselves. Others see it, but we do not realize it because it has become part of us.

If we understood human nature a little more, there would be fewer problems and we would be happier, if above all else we would take the place of the other person, seeing that we are pots of clay in the hands of the divine Potter. Nobody changes anybody; only God can do it in his time.

When someone fails, do not judge or question because, just like us, he is at the workshop for the Master to correct, straighten and remove everything He deems necessary.

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