“Your life would be brighter than noonday; Darkness would be like the morning.” Job 11:17


Life is beautiful; we must enjoy it and learn to live every moment as an unforgettable experience which motivates us to discover everything it offers us, each second. However, most of the time we let routine envelop us and we fall into monotony, always doing the same thing with no variation whatsoever.

When our life falls into a routine, it causes stagnation in us, which does not allow us to grow in any way. That is why stagnant waters give off a bad smell, for they have no movement. God does not want that for us, but we must have the disposition to change many things that we have been doing for years and are part of a lifestyle.

It is hard to break away from patterns established already because our mind has accepted them as good. Thus, it does not allow us to take on new challenges. But time that goes by is never recovered. And the saddest thing is to get to the twilight of our life and say “If I had done it!” To many, Jesus was a mystery. Nobody ever knew where He would sleep or where He would spend the night because He would go wherever the Spirit took Him; for it is Him who makes all things different.

It is time to escape routine in order to enjoy a full life in the Spirit, filled with adventures and surprises that will never be forgotten, for darkness would be like daytime and our life would be brighter than noonday.

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