Joseph named the firstborn Manasseh, “For,” he said, “God has made me forget all my trouble and all my father’s household.” Genesis 41:51


How hard is it for us to persevere! That is why few achieve success; that is reaching the goal and keeping it forever. We live without knowing what we want and where we are going to. Consequently, we have no definite objective or a strategy to reach it, so we are always taking on new things but we never get to the end of those.

Any problem makes us lose focus when we have no clear goals. So, we lose interest on what we were doing, for the decisions we make are circumstantial, not definitive. Jesus made a decision of going to the cross. That was his goal and nothing made Him lose focus, for He was sure about what He wanted as well as what He had to do.

This condition is a reflection of our soul, which shows the emotional instability it is in. When this happens, we must pay attention and look for the reasons which originated this situation in us. Many of such reasons are broken homes, maltreatments and lack of love, which happened during our childhood and are hidden in the soul, not yet healed.

If our behavior is unstable, let us seek help from the Lord so He delivers us from all the sad and dark past which does not allow us to grow both firm and secure. Let us grab hold of his promise, which tells us that He came to heal the broken hearts, and let us no longer allow the past to stop us from reaching the goal.

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