Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life. Proverbs 4:23


God made us to his image and likeness; that is, like Him. He gave us his attributes, but we are discontent and never satisfied with ourselves. On the contrary, we want to be a copy of others, seeking to look alike in gestures, hairstyles, clothing, attitude and behavior.

We should be original because that which God placed in each one of us is unique. Copies are not good because they are a big distortion from the original so, in the end, one does not know who he is alike. Thus, it creates confusion in the personality. The world has influenced on this by launching campaigns so that children, youngsters and adults imitate the stars of the moment.

If we knew how valuable we are and what we are as creations of God, nobody would want to be the same as someone else. One would be proud just as one is, and would value what one has, for it is the Creator who wanted it to be.

We have to see ourselves in the spirit and not in the physical, for it is the spirit that embellishes us. There is no one who is not beautiful, for He makes everything splendid. What happens is that we compare ourselves to someone we consider prettier than us. If we asked Him “What is the pattern for comparing the beauty of man?”, He would tell us “The pure and clean heart that speaks on its own about My presence in that life, making that outer self more beautiful, for it is a reflection of that which flows from inside. Then years will go by and he will never get old, for there is eternity wherever I am.”

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