God commands us to resist

For it is he who is the “Yes” to all of God’s promises. 2 Corinthians 1:20             
Sometimes we live tormented when we think of problems or situations that happen to us, which worsen as we set our thoughts free, which control us to the point of forgetting God’s promises. It is us who give the right to negative thoughts of failure and damnation to bring destruction to our life, since we see the dark side and not allow our mind to be filled with Christ’s truth.
This brings about devastating consequences to our life, spiritually, emotionally and physically, since everything we do and say is in agreement with what we think. We see how our body weakens to the point that we get sick, lose joy, reflect a deep sadness, our spirit weakens and we stop seeking things from Heaven, those that lift us up.
If we know that these thoughts have no foundation, for they invalidate the Word of God, we cannot allow them to keep causing so much damage to us. On the contrary, let us be filled with his promises, which make us think of the divine and not the earthly.

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