He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much. Luke 16:10

Every moment we are tested. It is just that God is trying for us to earn his confidence, to be able to delegate responsibilities upon us, so He can rest assured that we will do it in accordance with his purpose. To be deserving of this, we need to be approved, ready for everything He commands us to do without an excuse; having committed to God, not to man. Because that is where we fail, when we are not aware of whom it is the One we serve.

We are used to doing things to make others see us, where we are seen. But God is not interested in this; He is looking for those who do not care about place or condition, but only want to please Him.

Therefore, tests really say our true intentions, and those are what make us qualified or disqualified before the Lord. Let us search our hearts to know if we are worthy of his trust. If we discover that we are not, let us submit all ego, pride, vanity, arrogance or high-handedness, which prevents us from being so and is robbing us of the blessing.