Be careful not to harbor this wicked thought. Deuteronomy 15:9

Even if we are in the ways of the Lord, it is hard for us to break away from many thoughts we have, which affect our testimony, both internal and external, for they are so rooted in our subconscious, our subconsciousness, that we act without realizing it.

But this should not be an excuse. We must enter into the presence of God and ask Him to reveal everything in our minds that is not to his liking, and give Him the authority to pull it out. Although it may seem that we are fine and we do the right thing, it is not enough. Our mind has to be completely renewed, and we have to provide an example with facts, that not only do we talk of Christ but that our lives also speak of Him.

If we do it, everything will change and our relationship with God will be consolidated. This will not allow for our minds to be vulnerable to thoughts that tarnish our testimony before God and men. Let us make a decision and wait no more, not to be a hindrance of the divine plan due to inappropriate thoughts that lead us away from the presence of God.