And we win the victory over the world by means of our faith. 1 John 5:4


God is looking for authentic men and women, who do not abandon faith but give testimony of it as an unshakeable column, who endure winds and storms with courage. But it turns out that those who talked about their faith a while back start to change when the wind beats against them. Thus, they take on a behavior very different from that which they professed.

We ask ourselves “Why those sudden changes, if weeks ago their attitude was just the opposite? How can we change so soon? What happened to faith?” And we are sad to know the foundation was not real.

Therefore, it is necessary to be tested, like gold, so we demonstrate the real concept we have of God. If it is real, it will not change. Our actions will speak otherwise. This proves to us that we should not put so much effort in talking but rather in demonstrating.

One is not born with faith, but it is given to us if we ask for it. Faith does not grow on its own; only distress makes it grow. This shows us that God allows the winds to ram us so our faith develops. Each process allows us to set a bigger foundation of Christ in us, which will make us more resistant. Later, when we are put through fire, nothing will happen to us because there is a faith so strong that it conquers all.

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