You are doomed! You call evil good and call good evil. Isaiah 5:20


If we are to see, the world is upside down regarding what God thinks; for that which is good for God is bad for the world, and that which is bad for God is good for the world. His intention is to keep us from things that corrupt us, from the world that seduces us through the desires of the flesh. That is why we see how many lives are lost and let themselves be seduced by the pleasures of the world, not taking into consideration that one day our mortal body will see the light no more, so we will have no arguments for our defense before God.

We cannot say it was out of ignorance, for we know the truth but hide from it so we can take part in everything that is sin. Yet God’s eyes are not hidden from the face of the earth and they see his people’s position, who has forgotten the old ways, giving into disorderly passions with no regard for spiritual consequences resulted from this forever, unless there is true repentance.

We cannot keep on leading a life that is upside down regarding what He says. We have to know the truth. The world does not know it, for they support themselves on the mind of man. But there is only one truth, an absolute one, for it was God who established it and no one can compete against it. He is the Creator of the universe and, when He made it, He needed no one to do so.

Let us seek what is good and let go of what is evil. This way, we will begin to enjoy life and understand that we do not live for the flesh but for the spirit.

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