Take firm hold of instruction, do not let go; Keep her, for she is your life. Proverbs 4:13


The greatest motivation a father has is teaching his children the knowledge acquired as the years go by, so that they apply them and have a life with fewer risks. This guarantees their well-being. Children hear the experiences and the advices, but do not cherish them. On the contrary, they believe that times have changed, so they need no advice.

As much as the father makes an effort for them to understand the importance it has for their lives, many times it does not work. This makes him worried, for he knows that there is so much his children will not be able to avoid, and they will see the consequences.

Likewise, God wants to take care of our lives, so He teaches us, through his word, the reward for the one who keeps it and puts it into practice. He encourages us to remain clung to it and neglect nothing. This way, we guarantee our future and that of our entire generation. Therefore, let us not dismiss God’s ordinances; let us record them in the heart, so that our feet do not stumble and we do not go off the true path that flows milk and honey.

At the end of our years, we will see that it was worth it to follow their advice. Otherwise, it would be impossible to have everything we achieve going his way: a happy marriage, beautiful children, a stable home and, above all, remaining in his presence.

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