Now what more can David say to You? For You, Lord God, know Your servant. 2 Samuel 7:20


God is looking for a people who set aside family names, class, position, fame, and humiliate themselves before Him; who acknowledge their condition as servants in order to serve with excellence. But sometimes it is hard for us to take on that position because we are full of paradigms that prevent us from having this attitude.

When we take on the position of servants we become slaves out of love, for we understand that there is no greater offering that can be offered to Him. Christ stripped all his glory off and made himself a man like us in order to serve us, thus giving us a great lesson of humility.

We cannot think that we lose our rights when we humble ourselves. On the contrary, when we do this, we are exalted before God because we obey his Word. For this reason, let us not get carried away by pride, which prevents us from being true servers of Christ and his Church.

The reward is great for the one who lives humbled before his presence. David was a shepherd. For his brothers, it was the worst thing that could be done, to such an extent that they decried him, but David had a heart to serve God and never despised the work he did. On the contrary, his heart was for worshipping Him. So he went from the corral to the palace, he went from shepherd to king and from caring for sheep to caring for an entire nation.

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