O God, my heart is fixed; I will sing and give praise, even with my inmost being. Psalms 108:1


God is looking for hearts that surrender and let themselves be shaped without resistance to his will; hearts like that of David, who did not resist the dealing when he was in the care of the sheep, away from all things. That heart delighted in worshipping Him and praising Him, without seeing the place or the conditions surrounding him. He did not focus on the external but in seeking his presence and delighting in it.

When our hearts are God’s, we only want Him to be pleased; for Him to see with pleasure what we are doing, while we give Him the first place in our lives and everything else becomes irrelevant.

Let us not delight in the material but in the things of the spirit that bring peace and joy. Let us be filled with plenitude to know that there is only one owner of our hearts: Him. Let us live each day to show Him our true love, which goes beyond all things.

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