At the beginning of your supplications the command went out, and I have come to tell you, for you are greatly beloved. Daniel 9:23


If we understood that our prayer life accumulates deposits in the heavens, we would pray every day and not wait for a difficult situation to do it. Unfortunately, we have no prayer life; that is why it becomes so difficult for us to get an answer when we need it. The one who prays has many hours accumulated in the heavens, which guarantee that all his prayers are backed up, for he is already known in the presence of God due to the incense that perfumes the heavens day by day.

Divine atmosphere does not descend when we press on. It shows itself when someone well known, because of his intense communion, lifts his voice and cries out. Immediately, the heavens respond by bringing the atmosphere to his life, which is nothing more than the presence of God.

Our life of prayer must change when we know that the heavens will descend as the sound of our voice is heard. Daniel lifted his voice and the angel immediately came to aid him. He said to him: Daniel, you are greatly beloved; that is why I have come to help you. How many of us need such an immediate answer? All. But how many of us are like Daniel who prayed every day? Few. This makes the difference between those who pray in truth and those who pray out of need.

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