And he said, “Now then, these are all one people and they speak one language; this is just the beginning of what they are going to do. Soon they will be able to do anything they want!” Genesis 11:6


When there is unity, there is victory. Thus, the desired goal is achieved, however hard it may be. Unity makes strength because it activates a power of multiplication which causes no obstacle to be able to stop them, as they all battle for the same thing.

If we applied such a valuable principle at our home, all goals would be met; the burden would not be carried by a single person but several, and it would be easier to bear. Also, when the enemy rose, we would crush him instantly, for we would have united in a single purpose. Yet selfishness and pride do not let us be united but each one seeks his own interests. As a result, there is emotional separation and even a physical one is experienced by members of a family.

One must understand that a home cannot stand when divided, and we have to see the model set by our heavenly Father, who is One along with the Son and the Holy Spirit. Let us be united, so we can exert force and reach all the promises given to us; let us break away from individualism, which does not come from God. We will see the result for having achieved unity.

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